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The nominees below are school initiatives that serve students in the central Texas community. We need your vote to determine which school initiative will receive the largest donation from The Cares Alliance. Thanks to the support from Emerald Lawns and the RJF Team, we’ll be giving away over $9,000 this month.

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The Cedar Ridge Royalty Dance Team consists of 50 members and 2 directors.  The purpose of the team is to develop dance skills while instilling leadership and self-discipline.  The team encourages loyalty and high morals while focusing on service to our community.  Royalty strives to be role models for the elementary and middle school students in our area.  Each school year the team hosts a dance clinic for middle school students to attend in the summer.  Royalty also hosts the Royal Treatment in the fall, which is a three day camp for elementary children to learn dances, play games and spend time bonding with the Royalty members.  This camp culminates in a pre-game and halftime performance where the elementary students and Royalty perform together. 

Royalty is a full year commitment.  The dance team performs at all football halftimes and several basketball games. They then transition into contest season where they compete at multiple dance competitions in the winter.  This year they won many awards including the honor of Grand Champions at the Crowd Pleasers competition hosted at Hendrickson High School. Their season culminates in the spring when they put on a show to showcase all of their dances for the year. 

The Royalty Booster club fundraises each year to provide the girls award winning choreography, costumes and the proper equipment to promote the highest performance quality. 

The girls are able to participate in Royalty from their Sophomore to Senior year in High school, but the lessons learned in Royalty will last a lifetime. 

Herrington Elementary is committed to helping students reach their full potential by creating positive relationships, experiences and environments.  Teacher vertical teams will be participating in professional development and concentrated work to enhance and integrate social, emotional and cognitive skills into the classroom, to further support academic success.  Funds received would be used toward tools and resources to grow and support self-management and social-emotional learning that will be directly utilized by students and/or teachers.  For example, creating calming kits with sensory tools  for students (i.e. silly putty, stress balls, resistance bands, visual stims, calming strategy cards) and purchasing related professional materials for teachers (i.e. professional books/resource kits).  All students will benefit from these tools to increase: self-awareness, self-management, communication skills, responsible decision-making, social-awareness, and relationship skills.  Supporting Herrington in this initiative will continue to bring the science of learning and student development into our classrooms, to enhance our school community and to foster academic and social-emotional confidence for all students! 

The Round Rock ISD Adapted Physical Education (A.P.E.) program is comprised of a team of 13 teachers/coaches who work across the district in 47 schools and serve approximately 1100 students in special education and general education. Adapted P.E. teachers/coaches provide specialized programming at all levels (preschool through 18+) for students of all abilities.  At the secondary level, A.P.E. is provided in a “Partners in PE” class.  This is an inclusive Physical Education class for students with disabilities.  They are paired with a general education peer mentor who receives training in disability awareness, how to be an advocate and a voice for their peers with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and how to accommodate and modify activities to make the class accessible for all.   A.P.E. teachers also coach the Special Olympics program (Roadrunners) for Round Rock ISD.  This program provides opportunities for participation in 8 different sports throughout the school year.  Athletes who qualify have the opportunity to participate in local, area, regional, and state level competitions.

A financial donation would be used to help offset the costs to continue to update/replenish equipment for the ever growing A.P.E. and Special Olympics programs in RRISD.  Specially designed equipment for use with students with very limited motor abilities are an example of need, including additional bowling ramps and a switch operated bowling ball release to enable sport participation to all ability levels.  Additional funds would offset the cost of equipment that is needed to provide quality sport experiences through Special Olympics.

This team of teachers work with students from every corner of our growing district. The A.P.E. and Special Olympics programs are also growing.  This creates a need for additional equipment to supplement what is currently available.  The financial donation would enhance programming in the A.P.E. class setting and in the Special Olympics sport setting.  

Imagine being a part of the most unique team in high school unlike any ordinary team you can think of. You have the ability to come to school every day and be with your best friends. Learning how to work together and have fun while we do it. Stony Point Special Education Department is trying to cultivate an experience just as unique as our students. In our Occupational Development class, we simulate working at stores in the community like HEB, Goodwill, and Dazzle Coffee. With this donation, we plan to improve on our work stations. We plan to expand outside of the classroom from the original three store fronts to five. Right now, our Stony Point HEB is needing more shelves and can goods for our kids to stock, sort and label. Our Stony Point Goodwill is needing additional clothes racks, hangers and clothes.  Our Dazzle Coffee is in desperate need of materials to be able to offer Ice coffee to our customer’s in the warmer months of the year. These supplies would include an ice maker, a fridge and digital point of sale systems. We would like to add an office like setting to simulate clerical work we are needing filing cabinets, file folders and office stationery. We also would like to add a task service much like Favor to out class to simulate the start to finish process of gathering and delivering items. Having these supplies available to our kids would give them a unique opportunity to learn in an environment that was made just for them and their needs. Stony Point has the largest special education unit in the district with the most eclectic group to students. Help be a part of these students’ future. Thank you so much for the consideration!


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