Join The Cares Alliance

The Cares Alliance is the exciting evolution of a vision started by Robert and Michelle Fischer in 2016 to create a 501c3 charity to serve local communities in a way that is both unique and revolutionary to the charity industry.  The Fischers wanted a charity that his company could rally around to pour Christ’s love and tangible blessings into the community.

The Cares Alliance provides financial donations to charities, missions, and individuals while bringing awareness to the different needs of those individuals and organizations. The mission is to be a force of good that highlights financial needs and provides safe, secure opportunities to support those needs within the community.

Robert has been joined by others who share his vision, serving as volunteers on The Board or coming alongside the RJF Team as a corporate sponsor. From the beginning, Luke and Mary Hawthorne with Emerald Lawns stepped up as a key partner and helped to build the vision and increase the donations awarded to charity recipients. Emerald Lawns also helped to host a very successful first annual fundraiser event. It was this early success and multiplying effect that inspired the growth plan for The Cares Alliance. Imagine the community impact if even more organizations were able to partner together! Collectively, we could multiply the force of good in our community. As a result, we’ve established a“charitable alliance” known as The Cares Alliance. The Cares Alliance will handle all the administrative responsibilities of managing a nonprofit while allowing our valued Alliance Members full participation and individualized branding of their own Cares charity.

With over $100,000 in donations awarded since 2016, the potential community impact of The Cares Alliance is both humbling and exciting to anticipate.  Our goal is to partner with over 56 companies at the same level so we can give away over $1 million dollars a year to our local communities!

To grow beyond our own team and to further multiply our impact, we invite any interested business or organization to join The Cares Alliance as we seek to build stronger communities, together.