David, A Proud Veteran

Husband of Terri and father of Logan, Allison and Haley, David is also a veteran who proudly served our country in the U.S. Army. On Memorial Day of last year David began having trouble breathing and made a trip to the E.R. After many tests and doctor appointments, it was determined that David had multiple tumors near his lungs and that he suffers from a rare cancer called Thymoma. David received chemo treatments for the next 6 months and then had surgery to try to remove the tumors in November. The surgery was not as successful as the doctors had hoped, as the tumors had spread into his right lung. The doctors have referred him to MD Anderson where he will have surgery in March to remove his lung and then receive 5 weeks of radiation, 5 days a week.

David and his wife have been working as much as they can through this entire ordeal, but once he goes to MD Anderson they will take all of their sick and vacation time and then be on FMLA, with no pay. They do have insurance, but it does not begin to cover all of the medical bills and extra expenses that are piling up. Their 2 oldest children are in college. The youngest, Allison, happens to be my daughter’s roommate and is working as many hours as she can to help support her family and herself while going to school.

David and Terri are relying on their family and faith in God to get through this illness. I know that the donation from RJF Cares* will go such a long way in helping them in the many expenses they have.

* donation preceded the formation of The Cares Alliance