The Guiding Light Ministry: Life (changing) Coaching

On April 21, 2014, William Ryan Brown (Will) was scheduled to begin a local life coaching program in New Braunfels. Will was excited about his relationship with Christ and wanted nothing more than to minister to the masses. However, he was struggling with the day-to-day issues of life and felt he could benefit from direction. This was not to be. Will was taken in a tragic traffic accident on that very day.

His parents, William (Billy) and Donna Brown know that God turns all things around for good. They made a decision to join the local program as life coaches, and have served in this capacity for three years. During this time, they have been eye-witnesses to amazing transformations in the lives of clients. From a lost graduate now attending law school to homeless mothers now employed, living on their own, with a vehicle and money in the bank.

The Program:
Billy and Donna Brown have been led to develop the Guiding Light Ministry to expand Christian based life coaching through churches to all areas of Texas. Starting at Maranatha Christian Fellowship in Luling, the program is being designed in a way that will offer other churches the program through training and documents designed to cover over 50 topics involved in life planning. The Guiding Light Ministry will offer modules to other churches that will include all written materials for use in their church setting. The program will cover not only written information and training exercises but will be designed to include videos and a phone app for planning and tracking.

The Guiding Light Ministry is a program for everyone. Billy and Donna Brown feel strongly that it is in the valley where we grow. As we go through life, we learn to deal with the valleys in life. From the loss of a job to the death of a child, we have all endured life circumstances that have helped us to mold into the individuals that we are. If we use these life lessons to help others, the pain was not in vain. These lessons in life give each of us a unique perspective that we can use to help others in the same circumstances. The knowledge and experience gained make for excellent life coaches. On the other side of the spectrum, are individuals that have left the path that God has planned for them. These individuals or potential “clients” just need someone in their corner, helping them to get back on a path through goal setting and one-on-one meetings with a life coach. This life coach works as a mentor, cheerleader, and coach; holding the client accountable for their progress. Billy and Donna have witnessed many clients go on to become life coaches for others as a way to give back. The program is designed to be a win-win for all those involved.

When a Client signs up for the Guiding Light Program, they will set specific goals that they would like to achieve. The Client will meet weekly with a personal life coach to ensure they stay on track. Topics covered include everything from marriage and parenting, to resume writing and interviewing. Once all topics are completed, the client will graduate at a ceremony that highlights their accomplishments. During the program, clients are given $20.00 reward cards from Walmart or H.E.B. as they reach specific goals. Clients are expected to give a certain amount of time to volunteering with the program, their church of choice, or their community.

The Guiding Light Ministry is a ministry of love. The program will operate from donations from those that support the vision. Life coaches are not paid for their services, and clients are not charged for the program. Billy and Donna Brown are firm believers that you can’t out give God. As the Guiding Light Ministry reaches out to help God’s children, the program will be blessed.

The Vision of The Guiding Light Ministry to offer a Hand Up rather than a Hand Out to others. It is our desire to help others meet their God-given potential, and grow to become contributors and leaders in their communities. As we grow, we hope to offer this program throughout Texas, and then, throughout America.

The Guiding Light Ministry: A Tribute to William Ryan Brown
courtesy of: Maranatha Christian Fellowship