Gooooo, AJ! Brightening the Life of Others

Today our paths cross in hope of shedding a new perspective on your life that turns some negative you may experience into more shades of positive. Positives have always been there, but you may not see them until you hear another’s story. This one is about AJ.

Most would admit that watching a child suffer is never something we want to see.

AJ is a 13 year young boy who from day 1 had to fight for every day he opened his eyes. He didn’t have a choice on being born with Down Syndrome but he has brightened the lives of so many that are lucky to know him.

That has not been AJ’s only obstacle. On August 2013, AJ was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) just 18 days after his 10th Birthday. For over three years AJs smiles have been more difficult with all the Chemo he has had to endure. AJ is also non-verbal, has a gastric feeding tube and an ileostomy tube where his medicine is dispense along with vitamins to make sure he is nourished with more than just the potatoes he loves to eat (often the only thing he will eat).

As you know, medical expenses easily pile up and can strip a family’s savings almost overnight. While money doesn’t bring happiness, it does help some less fortunate especially when their lives are suddenly crushed with medical tragedy.

AJ’s family has had numerous medical bills. His mother quit her position to nurse AJ night and day with what he needs to keep him alive and what he is unable to ask for when has aches and pains since he is non-verbal. His father works for their only income then helps with all that he can to love and support AJ and the rest of their family.

An “all-hands-in huddle break” complete with a “Gooooo AJ!” yell is what we do to almost always bring a sweet, heartfelt smile to AJ. AJ loves music, dancing and taking selfies with his sister Adriana and playing with his brother Lucas.

Thank you for all your prayers and assistance for AJ as he continues his battle to ‘grow up’ with his family fighting with him every step of the way.